Cladding Materials - Durra Panel


Durra Panel® is a unique and environmentally friendly material which contains no formaldehyde or additional chemical binders.

Made from wheat and or rice straw fibres, the Durra manufacturing process combines extreme heat and compression in a dry extrusion process to form the solid panel core. A natural polymer in the straw fibre is released during the procedure, and a water based PVA glue is used to encapsulate the finished core with a high strength recycled Kraft paper liner. The result produces zero toxic waste.

No water or gas is used during the manufacturing process.

The Durra Ceiling System combines Durra Panel® with Durra Steel Purlins. A labour saving cost effective system that has outstanding acoustic properties, strong fire resistance, and is fast, safe, and simple to install. The environmental benefits of building with Durra Panel® are  unmatched by current industry standards.
Durra Panel® has excellent acoustic and thermal insulating properties, proven durability, and high impact and fire resistance. It is ideal for wall and ceiling use in commercial, industrial and residential applications.