ALPOLIC is an Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) and is a very popular cladding material in projects with a modern look and feel.

Unique Metal Cladding Systems used Alpolic in a recent project at Rosebud.

ALPOLIC and its affiliated products have the following common features that stem from our coating and laminating technology;

  • flatness: completely flat panel with high rigidity,
  • perfect finish: uniform colour and smooth coating,
  • weather-resistance: excellent in corrosion and weather-resistant,
  • lightweight: lighter than solid metals of equivalent rigidity,
  • fire performance: comprising of fire-retardant core and fire-safe (ALPOLIC®/fr),
  • workability: easy to process with ordinary machines and tools for fabrication,
  • care for atmosphere: recyclable and accommodating it to nature.

ALPOLIC®/fr Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) composed of two skins of aluminium and the fire-retardant core, suitable for exterior.

TCM,SCM,ZCM Metal Composite Materials composed of two skins of titanium, stainless steel or zinc and the fire-retardant core, suitable for exterior.

ALPOLIC®/fr LT The interior ACM with fire-safe performance, featuring a wide variety of product finishes from metallic to timber.

ALPOLIC® The most conventional ACM composed of two skins of aluminium and a plastic core, suitable for signage and other specialty areas.

AL-LEADER™ Light and inexpensive ACM composed of extremely thin aluminium skins and the foamed core, suitable for signboard and POP.

ALPOLIC paint coating offers a variety of colors and patterns, and a wide range of gloss effects from 15% to 80%. With its 40+ years of experience, ALPOLIC™ paint coating is recognized as the most durable and reliable paint coating system in the external cladding field.

The core material between the metal skins plays the main role of fire performance of composite materials. ALPOLIC™/fr and ALPOLIC™ A2 are exclusively designed in order to meet most of all the fire regulations over the world without any limitations to the building cladding applications.