Rheinzink Titanium Zinc  is a natural material that ages with time, is maintenance free and is a 100% recyclable cladding material.

Rheinzink is perfect cladding material for any roofing or wall application.

Unique Metal Cladding Systems has worked extensively with Rheinzink including the Emerald Police Station Project.

In addition to exemplary ecological characteristics, RHEINZINK has a very interesting aesthetic appearance. It can be delivered in various product lines and versions.

With the RHEINZINK-COLOR LINE you are now able to use RHEINZINK in a variety of colors. This opens up more exciting design possibilities. Currently it is available for delivery in the colours RHEINZINK-blue, RHEINZINK-tile- red, RHEINZINK-moss-green, RHEINZINK -pearl-gold and RHEINZINK-nut-brown.

Regardless of the style you choose RHEINZINK facades have a timeless beauty; they are maintenance-free and offer secure protection for decades. Solutions for every taste are possible. Even if you choose not to go with a RHEINZINK facade, you can use RHEINZINK to accentuate roof dormers, chimneys, canopies, balconies or gables. RHEINZINK is more than just a facade: it is a significant design element.

Rheinzink is manufactured to the highest standards with a purity of over 99.5%.  Its purity allows it to be recycled without the loss of any of its chemical or physical properties and it can then be re-used in further applications.

The formation of the patina protects the metal from corrosion and gives it a grey/blue tone in the sunlight. If the patina is damaged then it replenishes itself ensuring the longevity that has been enjoyed in Europe for hundreds of years.

RHEINZINK was certified as an environmentally friendly building product.

Zinc is made to last for generations, is maintenance-free, durable, sustainable and has been used for roofing for over 150 years. For decades it has been the preferred choice for roofs all over the world in the form of RHEINZINK. It wins over customers with its high quality and is bound to impress with its timeless styling. Roof coverings made of RHEINZINK set benchmarks, guaranteeing functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are completely maintenance-free and protect the basic fabric of buildings while still looking attractive.