There are many reasons why VMZINC is one of the more popular cladding materials, including:

  • resistance to corrosion,
  • durability,
  • little maintenance.

In addition, the flexibility, malleability and versatility of zinc, combined with its elegance, make it the perfect material for imaginative building projects.

Unique Metal Cladding Systems has extensive experience working with VMZinc. These are just a few of the recent projects we've been working on:

VMZINC is ideal for the prized facade and external cladding systems.  As architects continue to seek sustainable cladding materials, zinc will continue to be specified in a diverse range of uses including residential, commercial, public, buildings, educational institutions and a variety of interior applications.

Zinc is a non-toxic, durable, recyclable and plentiful material. As an essential trace element, zinc is also vital to biological equilibrium and growth. Zinc used in the building industry is 100% recycled, putting it far ahead of many other materials which are just taking their first steps in recycling.

VMZINC is a cladding material which has evolved greatly from its humble beginnings in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Taking the traditional European roofing product to new heights, rolled VMZINC is being used locally at an increasing rate.

VMZINC provides the freedom to create architectural masterpieces which are difficult to realise with other construction materials. It is very malleable and can therefore meet virtually every architectural demand and provide solutions that less flexible materials cannot.

VMZINC is suitable for all roof pitches above 3° (5%) and for all types of shape (straight, curved, folded).

VMZINC is composed of very high quality zinc Z1 (99,995% pure zinc), as defined by the EN 1179 standard, to which titanium and copper are added. Copper increases the mechanical resistance of the alloy, making it harder and stronger.
 Titanium increases creep resistance permitting greater thermal expansion and contraction of the material without causing metal fatigue.

For over 160 years VMZINC has been providing innovative building solutions for architects and contractors around the world.
VMZinc Plus® is an exceptional product which combines our high quality rolled zinc titanium alloy with a long lasting and high density coating applied to protect the underside of the material from corrosion.

Unique Metal Cladding Systems is also able to supply and install VMZinc Plus®.

This innovative product extends the capabilities of regular VMZinc in the following ways:

  • it makes installation possible on roof decking made of incompatible materials, like plywood or other treated timbers,
  • it makes installation possible in a “warm roof” application where the underside of the zinc and support are not ventilated,
  • VMZ Zinc Plus® can be bent, folded or profiled without any surface changes, thus allowing the use of identical installation methods to VMZ non-plus.