Flat Lock Panel

Flat lock panel

Flat lock panel is a wall cladding system that uses overlapped metal panels so that a nearly flat appearance is achieved. The flat lock panel system is weather resistant, ventilated wall cladding installed over a waterproofing membrane. Flat lock panels offer a simple yet elegant cladding solution characterized by a longitudinal seam on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal bias.

Flat lock panel system consists of factory formed panels. The panels are available in multiple shapes and dimensions, providing virtually unlimited design possibilities.

The simplicity of the wall cladding system allows for easy installation. Because there is little manual manipulation of the panels in the field, Flat lock panels may be installed in cold weather without fracture.

VMZ Dexter

VMZ Dexter is a patented, pre-formed VMZ Zinc Plus system. VMZ Dexter has a standing seam profile, with concealed fasteners. Formed with a raised, curved top standing seam shaped major rib at the panel’s edge and flat pan between major rib and panel edge.

Umicore Building Products’ VMZ Dexter panel is a complete system consists of factory formed panels, clips and fasteners. The panels are available in multiple dimensions, providing a variety of design possibilities.

VMZ Dexter panel can be used in the construction of new buildings and in renovations for buildings with low to moderate humidity levels. It can be laid either with aligned joints or staggered joints.



Adeka is a factory-formed, zinc-alloy, metal wall panel system with concealed fasteners.

The preformed panel is quick and easy to install, used for both wall cladding and roofing.

Adeka has a textured effect and can be used for both internal and external applications to create a visual interest.

Interlocking panel

Interlocking panel is utilized for facades. This self-supporting system consists of pre-formed panels and clips that can be laid vertically or horizontally.

This self-supporting system can be easily installed on non-continuous supports for both new and refurbishment projects. It involves laying Zinc Interlocking panels on a wood or metal framework.

These panels are a tongue and groove system with concealed fasteners. The panels are available in multiple shapes and dimensions, providing virtually unlimited design possibilities.

Double lock standing seam

Double lock standing seam

Double lock standing seam system is a traditional technique applied to roofs. This technique can be machined or hand produced. It reflects the individual architect’s concerns for lines and shadows, producing designs that have a historical perspective.

 These systems enable long strips of Zinc standing seam panels to be assembled by forming single or double folds on the up-stands. Due to the use of profiling and seaming machines for closing the joints, the installation time is greatly reduced, making this a cost-effective metal roofing and wall cladding solution. Concealed clips and fasteners provide a seamless appearance.

Single lock standing seam

Single lock standing seam

Single lock standing seam wall cladding system is a traditional technique used for facades and roofing applications. Single lock standing seams may be used vertically as wall cladding.

Ribbon Tray

Ribbon Tray, commonly known as ‘Snap Lock’ is a lightweight system for commercial, industrial and residential environments. The Ribbon Tray is ideal for roof or wall applications where thin distinctive ribs and wide trays appeal as this system can be manufactured in an array of widths tailored to suit most projects.

Concealed clips hold each panel into place with the unique lapping system snapping each high rib into place. The Ribbon tray is weather resistant, maximising effectiveness for high rainfall areas.

VM Zinc Colours

VM ZINC: Surface Colours

vmzinc colours

vmzinc2                      NEW! AZENGAR, illuminating zinc
AZENGAR, the new zinc by VMZINC: even more rugged and matte, in a lighter elegant shade. Its engraved, uneven surface gives zinc a new image




RHEINZINK Product Lines

The PATINA LINE – our original in bright-rolled or pre weathered: the material forming the characteristic patina. From the inventor of the industrial pre-weathering technique that has now even been improve.

PROTECT LINE – has been developed for the use in all climate zones. The transparent protection film withstands even adverse weather conditions.

For outstanding creative design we present COLOR LINE to you – RHEINZINKTitanium Zinc offers an almost unlimited colour palette – there are no limits to your creativity.

With RHEINZINK-Titanium Zinc we can now offer you perfect and indoors and furniture designs. The INTERIEUR LINE creates extraordinary highlights in your

Colorbond/Zincalume Profiles

colourbond zinc profiles